Skift Take

Even if some travel agents don't foresee trip-stacking becoming a long-term practice, the ongoing uncertainty about future restrictions and closures may mean they'll have to resort to the tactic longer than they expect.

The large number of travel restrictions enacted by countries all over the world has made planning trips enormously challenging for travel advisors and travelers themselves during the pandemic. And Covid variants also complicated trip planning for many, leading to large numbers of cancellations. However, one practice is making trip planning easier for travel advisors as well as their customers — trip-stacking. It refers to agents booking multiple trips for their clients over the same period to prevent Covid from totally ruining their travel plans. And as numerous locations still haven't reopened for tourism, trip-stacking remains an option for travel advisors and their customers — especially as the possibility of future Covid surges messing up travel exists. What does trip-stacking look like? Joshua Bush, the CEO of Pennsylvania-based agency Avenue Two Travel, said the tactic provides travelers a backup option if their preferr